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Orders from this page can ONLY be delivered in the Hamilton, Newcastle Area.

There is no minim order and orders will be delivered the same day

All products will be delivered to your house with maximum care.

We all need to make stopping the spread our job now.

The following discounts apply;

'dontcare' This isn't my problem and I'm just getting on with it. - 1%

'whatican' doing a few things but I have more important thing on my plate right now - 20%

'slowthespread' I'm doing everything I can to slow the spread.

Deliveries will only be fulfilled to residences with hand washing OR sensitization option OUTSIDE their main entrance.

Not in the bathroom, not just inside the door, not at your apartment door. OUTSIDE the front door or main building entrance.

A bucket of water, changed regularly, is sufficient.

We are sorry if this is not possible but we can't deliver safely without it.